Sunday, March 31, 2013

What's He Doing?

No camera tricks, no digital manipulation. That picture is as it was taken. But can you guess what that man is doing? Do you see a broom? Do you see a rope or scaffolding? Why is he up there seemingly above the trees and the houses?

Scroll down to discover!

Hehe, this below, is actually the original picture. I just zoomed the portion where that young man was caught in mid-air jumping from the bridge unto the river.

But do you know where on earth this place is?

Oh yes, Catarman, Liloan, Cebu! Probably the cleanest body of water in a populous community I have so far seen in this country. And Liloan is a first class municipality at that - meaning "urbanized". And this place is even only a walk away from the Market, Municipal Hall, Church and gymnasium of the town. Yet, there are even resorts on both sides of the river, one with a very long zip line crossing to an islet!

Yep, I already jumped from that bridge in 2011 (or was that 2010 hehe)!

And I must say, the water remains as clean until today! It can 'still' be done after all folks. Liloan did it / does it! So let's keep our rivers clean and continue jumping off our bridges! It's more fun!


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