Tuesday, December 11, 2012

"DVD / Movie Cafe" in Cebu

Not (yet) common in this country, right? In fact, this was my first encounter with such a establishment, and I liked the idea! This is at the 2nd Floor of Raintree Maill in downtown Cebu.

What is this thing? Hmm, very much like your high-end karaoke rooms like “I.O” or “KTV 21” and so on. There are also rooms (many of them) with comfy seats and nice sound systems. The diff is they are not for you to enter and select your songs so you can wail and shout or chirp and chant in front of a big screen. Here you watch your favorite movies!

A nice alternative when looking for anything else to do with friends and/or family! Now you don’t have to dream of installing a mini-theater in that little house of yours! All you need is P300 (I think) and you have a room good for probably 5 or 6 of you! And they’re open 24 hours a day! The DVDs are displayed in the thousands at wall racks for oyu to diszzyingly choose from. There are also popcorns, drinks and chichirya to buy just before “showtime” and there are even waiting areas (cafe) where laptops are laid out for your free use! Sosyal!

The crews gamely showed me around, and I saw that they were nice rooms. At one occupied room, I heard shrieking and screaming and teasing and laughing. Yeah, a group of youngsters were watching a horror movie together.

I commented that this place looked just like the many that I have seen in Seoul and Incheon - I said "I think" since I have not really been into any of them. I just saw that they were little rooms too without the karaoke singing. The cashier then educated me that in fact the owner of this place is a Korean. So I said “Oh I see”! I learned there are already two of these such establishments in Cebu (the other one at IT Park) and they say they heard there are about the same number in Metro Manila.

Well okay, nice alternative to the usual “entertainment” that we know! I will try one of these one day. No more lining up at Ayala or SM! And no more sitting prim and proper amidst the viewing public of hundreds!

See?! Traveling is also education! Learned something new today!



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  1. Grabi noh? hehe..nakakaingit naman yung Incheon na yung..wanna go there..pero asan ba yan sa cebu? Ok talaga yan..weew..next time sa 2013..punta ako cebu..hahanapin ko yan..parang sa mga korean movies lng noh? hehe..pero thanks sa blog mo..now i know.