Saturday, December 1, 2012

Davao Pasalubong Center

Hmm and whoa! No no folks, not Aldevinco hehe! This one is a real pasalubong center made by the Davao city government just like you see at other places in the country. But if we talk about this category, Davao City’s is one of the biggest! It is a whole building, not just a stall or a room. And the displayed items, wares or foodstuff are of course products of the place – not an ukay-ukay style group of stalls as what is becoming of other pasalubong centers. It is rather new though, so we cannot tell just yet if indeed there won’t be pirated DVDs, pirated tsinelas, maxam, batik, plum blossom or the ever omnipresent ukay-ukay type of clothes hehe!

I loved looking at the things on sale in this place. An interesting cornucopia of many things Davao. From the common cheap novelties to the expensive rare and the bewildering uncommon products. Many of them are displayed and for sale in this building. T-Shirts? Yes they have, but all are printed with Davao or things about Davao–definitely not a rummage sale of used clothing from other countries hehe! Croc leather? Also available and of really world-class quality! Tuna? Just choose if you want anything to eat pronto or those packed to go! Durian coffee? Eh, they have an admirably set coffee shop in there serving that. Plus of course, those in boxes and little packs that you can buy and bring home.

Durian candy? Durian Chips? Dried Pineapple? Durian Yema? Marang Yema? Durian Jam? Dried Guyabano? Dried Mango? Dried Jackfruit? All are there!

And where is "there"? Ahm, just next door to the People's Park.



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