Monday, October 1, 2012

Even That Door Tells Many Stories

Who said a delayed flight is a bummer, #philippines? Well, not for me, not here and now at least! Am still talking about the Tacloban Airport Ticket Offices of Cebu Pacific and Zest Air. See that door and the many reminders? They invited my pesky curiosities! Eh walang magawa eh! Delayed flight!

I read that sign and automatically thought there was something missing. Read it again and yep, the letter “D” went out for a stroll hehe. It should be “closed” and not just “close” if used in this context of a reminder, right? In fact, just a few inches away, on the wall, there is a similar signage correctly written. Okay, let’s just say it was a typographical error.

Asuuuus! Typographical error kayo dyan eh mukhang ang tagal-tagal na ng papel na yan bakit hindi pinalitan? Maka-arawod! ANyway, I asked the guard saying “if the door has to be always closed, eh di walang nang makaka-labas o makaka-pasok, di ba?”. He stood there a bit stunned, after about two minutes and I was already looking elsewhere, he probably ALREADY got my joke, and exclaimed “oo gad sir ano, brayet ka gud”! I smiled, made a slight bow and said “oo, brayet ako”! The rest of the staff joined in the guffaw!

Bawal Mag-Iwan
That is the next signage that caught my almost getting bored pea of a brain because my flight’s departure has been re-set for the 2nd time via teir honky public address system. Took this pic at 4:11PM and my original ETD was 3:30PM! When I smiled after reading it, a ticket officer asked “kay-ano na liwat sir”. I knew they were waiting for something to laugh about. So I said “kung me bantay, e di hindi iniwan ang bagahe, so ano ba talaga ang bawal”! All paused a bit for a while thinking about the signage and what I just said. A girl (student-trainee?) soon said “dapat bawal mag-iwwan ng bagahe, period”! And I said “that’s more like it”!

Children and Accidents
This was the next signage we had to grill hehe. We, as in me, the staff, a guard and a porter, since there were no more passengers, and I was whiling time away to await the delayed flight boarding. (this ticket office is a more convenient area to sit around, step out to smoke, and sit around again – for in fact there were no more seats available at the holding area). Acting perplexed, I asked them “ano namang accident ang pwede mangyari sa kuwartong ito eh tatlong dipa ko lang yata ang lapad”! This got them talking about many things that happened to children while inside this small ticket office. The most horrible was ‘a toddler crawled under a seat and the father (a big burly caucasian) accidentally stepped on her little right hand when he stood up to look for her’. Aray ko! Okay folks, watch where your little ones go even at this small a room!

See?! I learned many things, all because of a delayed flight! Oh well…


  1. Hi! :) I've read your posts and it's fun to read. Want to read mine? it's about relaxation and enjoyment through travels, books and movies. So far, it has a few posts but many posts to come! :D

  2. wahahahahaha! brayet ka gid! ganyan mangyari pag bore. lulz.

  3. I laughed aloud reading this, and my boss looked like she will eat me alive! But I gave her the URL and I saw her smiling while reading!

    Delicado ka pala ma-bore, sir!