Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Mandaue Water Show

This was today's "show"! I am tempted to call this The GREAT Mandaue Water Show! Ah, just watch the video first, then read the story below, if you care anyway hehe! Oh, grab your popcorn and soda, this is almost 12 minutes of entertainment!

So here's the story...

I've been eagerly waiting for a chance to watch this thing. After 3 long years of residence near the area, I finally got a chance this afternoon as I was on my way home from a lunch meeting. And to think that for weeks on end now, it has been a sunny Cebu - even if Luzon was wet and windy with that storm that just passed by. Well, this afternoon, it was a hard rain, though quick at probably less than an hour.

I know of stories about this place in AS Fortuna. There are 2 flood-prone areas - this one and over near the shell gas station at about midway the length of the avenue. A heavy rain immediately floods these places, though people tell me, that water dissipates quickly, lasting for just about an hour. Never got a chance before as I would be at some other island or some other place in Cebu when this area "enundates" and readily subsides hehe.

Ah, there was a time I actually caught this still flooded but I had to rush home for the camera and when I returned, it was gone! So this was my grand chance, after 3 long years hehe! And the Volvo guard tells me this afternoon's flood was longer than usual. Well, I must say, it was still quick at just about an hour or so.

Anyway, I had fun watching everything. Other folks also grabbed their cams when they saw me shooting. A young lass said "awa o, gi-video sa Koreano"! I just silently grinned for indeed there were Korean kids beside me watching this "phenomenon" hehehe. And mind you, the white Hyundai sedan that stalled in the flood? He was Korean, I was sure of that. He had passengers and the woman also looked Korean. Reason probably the driver was not able to calculate the depth of the water since he is not (yet) too familiar with this place. The engine may have been fine, but his car floated. Good there was that man who pushed them to "shore"!

Well, I know there are a lot of people who are not smiling about this "phenomenon". One dude even approached me to ask for a copy so he can show it to some authorities (that's what he said). I told him I'll be posting the video on this blog. So I hope he's reading this now! Don't get me wrong folks. I am not really too happy about floods. Its just that I have not seen this one yet. And I think after 3 years, I do am getting to be a real bisdak. I find fun in anything. Anything at all. Its more fun down here, really!

I know this "phenomenon" won't be for long. The diggings implanting those big round 'imburnal' are already down at the front of Matias' and Cheaverz. Let's hope those are solutions enough, because AS Fortuna is an important progressive commercial/indusrial/corporate thoroughfare for both Cebu City and Mandaue City! There are a lot of good restaurants in the entire stretch, there are at least 4 hotels, about an equal number of call centers, almost all banks have branches and virtually every car brand has a dealership showroom on this avenue. There's even a mall. And for crying out loud, that yellow building across where I stood is a funeraria hehe! Duuu!

Oh well! 'Kala nyo kayo lang sa Luzon or Mindanao? Meron na rin dito uy! Ayaw pahuli ang Cebu hahaha! Seriously, let's think abut that poem of Joyce Kilmer, all of us everywhere, shall we?! K!

If you btw liked my "musical score", all are music by Asian Troubadours I grabbed from the web. They're a group of great music-makers from various businesses/professions in Cebu. I like them but I do wonder why they're not commercially marketed at music shops and the likes.


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