Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Good Morning Naga!

Ah, that is a double good morning greeting! First good morning was when I arrived at this city which was shortly after midnight. Next good morning was when I woke up for breakfast to hurry and run fast to the CWC for my 8AM to 12NN day tour! Hectic! But fun, really!

As told in the previous stories, the long trip form Calbayog took me some 10 hours on the road, departing on a drizzly 2PM and there I was in Naga just shortly after midnight. Whoa! So my first “good morning Naga” was a groggy one, but not in any way grumpy. Of course I startled the Villa Caceres guard who was already on some kind of “prayer” (a.k.a. sleeping on the job) when the tricycle I took from the highway brought me in! But the front desk lady was up and all smiles. I knew she was expecting me since I called earlier in the day from Allen.

Another sleepy dude was asked to help me with my luggage up to room 314. I was sure they also roused him up for my arrival. Not only did his eyes show it, but his heavy breathing as we walked and climbed the stairs seemed to tell me he was still snoring hahaha! You be the one doing nothing all day and at midnight some guest decide to arrive from who knows where, right?! Well good morning!

I was hungry! I ate at the Sorsogon dinner stop alright, but as I settled in my Villa Caceres room, stomach was sending me signals that I was starving. So food I had to look for. Room service was already “out of service”. So I went out and walked around as I am sure there is always something to eat on this strip any time of day - though I was never ready to hop into anything with blaring music or clinking bottles of beer! Voila, I found the peace and quiet at some place called Ilaw Sa Dahon.

I found that a weird name. Ilaw Sa Dahon… Light On A Leaf? Whatever, the place looked like it had good food, native furnishings and decor everywhere. There was TV at the bar / cashier’s counter and there were only 2 remaining tables that still had guests. So I took a hut-style corner and ordered their seafood something. Its a platterful of various seafoods with rice and laing. Okay good. And it even went well with SML hehe. Burp burp and burp! Then I was back at my hotel (its just nearby) and called it a night (1;53AM)!

Whatta day!

The other Good Morning Naga was about 4 and a half hours after! I got a really cheerful good morning wake up call from front desk. So I hurried to the showers and catch the earliest breakfast in the hotel as I must be up and out ASAP to catch my 8AM run over at the CWC. Yeah, Camarines Sur Watersports Complex!

But let’s do that next, okay?!


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