Monday, April 23, 2012

Crown Royale Hotel, Balanga Bataan

My home for the weekend visit. A good one. Well, better than many hotels in the usual urban centers that I have seen around this country.

How did I get into this hotel? Well, fortunately, for lack of information on any other choice that anyone would recommend. I asked friends. No one could tell me what a good accommodation in Balanga would be – since none of them have had any need to stay overnight in said city. Those who, at times, had to be in the area for business always opted for Subic which is just near anyway. As one friend said “who needs to sleep in Balanga anyway”. But I did! And, judging from what I have seen on the web, it looked like Crown Royale was the only choice. When I called up their city hall to ask about things, I mentioned this hotel, and the lady I talked to said this was a good choice. Done!

A no-frills hotel. No other thing aside from your room and the breakfast area. Just what I have always wanted. Somewhere to sleep without distractions like shops or disco bars and casinos, for indeed they distract me hehe! There are KTV rooms but what would I be doing in them alone hahaha! Not so cheap btw, but OMG, you can have a party in your room! Its big for a single soul. Its even an effort walking from the queen size bed to the table / dresser and/or the cabinet! The space in between is just so wide you can easily do your ballroom dance on it!

And the furnishings are not so-so. Tables, chairs and headboard are of real heavy wood! Maybe it is still cheap here arounds. And I found it cute that my room with just a single queen size bed and a single free breakfast, has two pairs of brown cute slippers! In fact, everything in the room seems to be good for two people, except the free breakfast hehe.

Oh breakfast? Its a set a-la-carte style but hefty. On my first morning, I asked for the American breakfast thinking that without the rice, it would have been light since I was to meet some friends over at a fastfood a few minutes after that which meant I may be in for another breakfast. Voila, the bacon was more than enough for me, and the eggs must have been also good for well, one-and-a-half persons hehe. Thus, I ordered more of the toasted bread! Burp!

Friendly folks too! this hotel reminds me of a similar facility somewhere far south. Estosan? Yeah, probably!


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