Sunday, March 18, 2012

Vanity Spareth No One

I stepped up to the lobby of the Aboitiz Foundation Building, hoping for a better vantage to snap a pic of the full backside of Casa Gorordo (House/Museum). Got it! But this “act” unfolding by my feet caught my attention.

I thought that was some dramatic scene… touching to watch… How often do you see adults publicly showing their ‘physical’ concern for each other anyway, right? Common to see adults wiping dirt from a child’s face. But not this one… Immediately clicked my camera to snap this photo – yeah, for the memory.

For a time, they were unperturbed and were just too busy at what they were doing. Until the one in red realized I was looking and listening. What happened?!

The lanzones lady (in shorts and white tee, yes she is very much a woman) had just finished rubbing (whatever the act is called) “tina” – hair dye, on the few short locks that adorn her head! How and where? At that very spot, by herself, and without a mirror! Therefore bapor, she smeared some towards the ears, below the ears, on her forehead and at the nape!

Now they were on a ‘frantic’ act to “erase” the excess dye on her skin hahaha! See the left hand of lady in red? That is ice-water that manang lanzones bought from a nearby store so that they could wet the towel and attempt to rub her clean! They were having a hard time hehe! The black thing won’t go off and her skin was already getting red from the red woman’s rubs!

I asked if she had a lot of white hair. She said just a few, but mainly on the edges. “Ngano ba gyud kinahanglan magtina-tina” so I asked. And the lanzones woman answered… “syempre sir, para looking young and beautiful”! And as I grinned, the red woman butted in with “ALWAYS”!

Hay my Pilipinas, yes, its more fun… ALWAYS!


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