Thursday, February 23, 2012

Roxas City Plaza

I knew that if I headed this way, I would be within reach of many things I wanted to see. This place is unique amongst the many city centers I have seen in this country. It has some kind of a European feel in terms of how its been made and how it has become – a government center, park, promenade, attraction and a functional traffic crossroad all in the same place. And it takes just 10 minutes or less by trike from the beach (that means the airport is even nearer). Appealing!

Hey, did you know that this place was adjudged the best city plaza in the Philippines way back 1964? Yes it was! And it won a very hefty prize of P500. Yes, five hundred pesosesoses! ONLY! I learned that from a teacher sometime ago in one of my visits where I was starting to get curious about this plaza.

Per my request, this is where I was let off by the trike driver. And let’s see where else I went…


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