Friday, February 24, 2012

Manuel Roxas Ancestral House

That’s where he was born yes… but that’s it! Why? Because you can’t enter the house, its still a real habited house where some of his remaining kin still live. We visitors (strangers of course) cannot be roaming in anyone else’s private abode, right? Hehe, so that’s it! Actually, I remember the woman at the tourism information kiosk told me that you can arrange (preferably in advance) with the residents for you to be able to see the insides of the house. But that was not a practical thing to do for me as I was just zooming by.

You see those hanging things on the side? Those are not the day’s laundry! Those are for sale, its an ukay-ukay place. Yes, they’re everywhere including residences of ex-presidentes!

It also houses the ‘Albar Law Office’ of Miguel B. Albar and I wonder what he wants to tell us with that “COUN-SEL-LOR” thing on his signage. Maybe he does not want people to mistake him for a municipal or barangay “councilor”. Y'know, early in the morning people would see you with "konsehal, kelangan namin pampalibing, pampabinyag, pampakasal" and so on hehehe!

Let’s go to the bridge?!


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