Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Culasi Port Peep, Flatrock & Moro Tower

Hah, am sure you didn’t guess that Toto Jun! I was not (yet) in that town on the other side of Panay. I was still in Roxas City, Capiz! Not Antique, no not yet!

Took a trike from the airport straight to Culasi and back to the city! Culasi is the city’s seaport. Its a brangay in Roxas. What was I to do there? Nothing really hehe! Just wanted to see how that pier looks, since I have been coming across it as I read about my ultimate dream – to ride an inter-island ‘barko’ soon! But this is what I can tell you now… the way going there is such a picturesque highway overlooking the calm sea. Very tempting to dash for it and splash in the blue-green waters. Ahh! Hey it’s a big port and kinda new. The time I went there – to the surprise of the guards – there were both cargo and passenger ships, though none seemed to be leaving anytime soon nor have just arrived. The place was devoid of the crowds that I hear throngs forth when there is a passenger ship leaving or arriving. Even the rows of carinderias were noiselessly orderly, and seemed happily basking under the midmorning sun!

I wanted to see the Flatrock Beach Resort too, and perhaps even the Moro Tower in the area. But from the highway, I decided otherwise. Why? They didn’t seem worth my time and effort. Take the resort for example, it is a beach resort yes, but there is actually no beach whether it be of sand or rock or gravel. The resort has cemented its vicinity such that the waterline looks like a ‘pantalan’ of some little town or barrio! Not that its ugly, its just that… well, its ugly hehe.

see the numbered areas zoomed below

Disheartening to be hearing it as a beach resort and you start imagining some sandy shores or the likes, only to find out its like a… well, just look at the picture! As for the ‘tower’, I asked my trike driver where that would be. He pointed towards that white tower and told me that is not the one hehe. He says it’s a dilapidating place near that. Well, looking at the sea, where I stood from the side of the highway seemed to be just as fine a grand view. So I told myself “CTRL-X, Delete, Backspace, Clear” hehe! And we headed back towards Baybay.

Oh, there is some kind of a grotto by the side of the road from Culasi back towards Baybay Beach. I asked the trike driver whose it was and if there is some historical significance. We both laughed at his answer. He said he also wonders whoever put that out since no one ever comes to visit other than the caretaker who has fenced it and does not allow people to go in there. Hehe, that was some wisdom! I told him to say just that to the owners and he shrugged saying something like ‘who would listen to a tricycle driver’! Hmm, I think that should be a wake-up call to some of the religious in us. Go ponder with me… what on earth is that thing for, having been erected on the side of a road facing the ocean, away from residential abodes AND off-limits to people other than the caretaker?! Display? Ornament? Oh well, the unexpected things that could tickle your brain while roaming this country ‘no?!

Anyway, a few meters more on the trike and we were at Baybay, but let’s talk about that foodie beach area in the next story!


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