Monday, January 16, 2012

Still More Notes on Sinulog 2012

Lanao Del Norte came and the crowds did not disperse ever since Karatong passed by. We thought they were good, though I think better last year! But as always, many spectators like the cheerful disposition of this group!

Then came Placer, Masbate! Argh! The street was suddenly jammed with humanity I couldn’t even imagine where everybody came from.

Well yes, their big banners also had 4 faces of their politicians, but at least those were smaller than the Sto Nino! And people were busier watching out for the group’s dance performance as they were last year’s champions.

And no one was disappointed. I heard a younger guy say to his girlfriend “simple movements but very well executed… they will win again”. In my mind I said I agree!

This Masbate troop actually came in two separate contending groups but they paraded next to each other. That one above was “Culturang Placereno with Masbate Dance Company” while this next group is the famous “Tribu Himag-ulaw”, last year’s winner and what most everyone were on the lookout for. I think it was like the two groups actually mixed some of their dance movements and they shared logistical support of their compatriots. Bright! I could just imagine in how many boats they all came to Cebu in. Whoa!

People were not yet letting go of their positions on the sides of the street. Why? Well, coming next was Tangub City’s Sinanduloy Cultural Troupe. Yep, the dancing pilgrims. And yep, always at the top rankings (if not champions) for the last decade or so. Cebuanos already love them! They’re even already a common topic when locals talk about Sinulog Grand Parade!

Still good I must say. At times I actually think SInanduloy, Abellana and Carcar just have one trainer hehe. They’re just so good and always a spectacle to watch on the street or up the stage!

Aw, do you know what this next picture is? This is the inside of the boat! If you don’t recognize that, try googling for Tribu Sinanduloy and you will see they had a boat for a float as part of their parade entry! I asked a manong if I could peep inside, and this is how it looks. Oven-hot! They are what I want to call "the pushers" since they're the ones who push and make the thing move! And we thought everyone uses vehicles eh?!

2:53PM and the City Hall contingent passed by where we stood (in front of the DECS building). So I said, at least I was near the end of what I wanted to see hehe.

Bad taste, poor taste... The city’s Sangguniang Kabataan Federation joined the parade and they were not properly dancing (if ever they had a dance anyway). The light-blue t-shirts were fine enough if only to portray frugality. But it looks like the Sinulog foundation should lecture them on how people should ‘parade’ for the Sto Nino. I am sure SK girls wearing maong pekpek shorts will be frowned upon by the organizers. Other groups take painstaking effort for their costumes. Pants or long jeans, not leggings, should be AT LEAST proper. Besides, only 1 had good formed legs anyway - ang bayot a gyud!
And to top it all, the truck that they used for a float was the mother of all pollutants in the city. Ah, you should have seen how people on the side of the road covered their noses when that truck passed by. Aren’t there any better trucks over at city hall? Are the city hall’s trucks exempted from being cited for violation of anti-pollution laws in this country? Maypa ang next float – that of the Cebu City Chapter of Barangay Councilors League of the Philippines. Unclear what their float wanted to tell, splattered with too many commercial ads all over, but at least the truck was not belching pollution!

I’m not sure if the puppeteers category is such a nice addition to celebrate the feast of the Sto Nino. Its getting more ‘creative’ and yes, its getting more off tangent. What with all the starwars characters in attendance, together with spongebob, scoobydoo, angry brids and a red version of cookie monster - no no, not Elmo! Yes you will smile, I did, but you’ll think if there’s any significance! Whats next, tattoo category?! Art din kaya yun. Culture pa nga eh!

Well, next to them was (I’m sure) the favorite part of Tomas! The Cebu Provincial Government’s entry via Argao’s La Torta Festival Dancers and Float. The multitudes of ‘torta’ bedecking the float as flowers was quite ‘tasty’ to watch! And am sure their stage performance would have also been something for everyone to watch – I saw them last night at rehearsals, remember?! Oh well, asar talo. Gwen looked very much younger and sexier and really just more beautiful than… .....ever ahhhehehe!

Now now folks! If you’re from Cebu, especially from Argao (but its okay whoever you are and wherever you are from), there is something wrong in this picture below. Can you tell what and where?! Abeeeer! Post your answer as comment or send email and you might get a prize!

At this point, I told my friends I was done watching – since anything that comes forth I will have seen earlier in the week. Yep, the local entries, winners from Sinulog Sa Kabataan. But I stayed with them just the same. I knew though, I have seen those groups in way better form and color the previous week since this time, they were all drenched in the rain!

… until Liloan and Dumaguete came full circle, since they were the first groups we watched earlier in the morning!

Pit Senor!


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