Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dipolog Dinner: Big Joe’s

I’ve read about this place somewhere. Someone I asked while walking around also suggested this place for dinner. I actually wanted to be at some ‘manokan country’ or ‘larsian’–style place but it looked like either there is none in Dipolog or Big Joe’s is really a must visit. So it won! My first impression? “Who says all the nice dainty little restaurants are in the metropolis?” Here’s another proof they’re also found in Mindanao! I mean I was judging from the look of the place, the lights, the furniture and the décor. It actually occupies the ground level of what looks like two apartments where they punched a connecting door on the wall. It looked like a pretty place to have dinner, so I went in. And I was not disappointed!

How should I call this place, a fastfood, a burger joint, a snackbar, a refreshment parlor, a native restaurant, a Chinese restaurant, a café, a coffee house, ah er… all of the above hehe! Why so? Well, their bestsellers are belong to any of the above!

Example? The regular burgers or quarter-pounders are basic, since there is the half-pounder! Gosh! And both are grilled! Yumminess! Then flip your map of the world cuz there is also Shawarma, Siomai and Shanghai Rolls! There is TapSiLog, there is “Joe’s Favorite Steak”, Baby Back Ribs and there is Beef Teppanyaki! Then there are the Sirloins, Porterhouses, Top Blades in Wagyu or Angus – all grilled - so the menu says! Of course there is also Pork Steak hehe! How about Calamares, Creamy Chicken Casserole, Binagoongang Baboy, Sisig, Lengua Estofado, Mixed Veggies or Calderetang Kambing! Noodles? There is spaghetti, carbonara, lomi, pancit canton, bihon guisado, sotanghon guisado, beef noodle soup, chicken sotanghon soup and wanton noodle soup! That is if you do not want their ‘special palabok, crispy patam lechon kawali, grilled blue marlin, pink salmon or boneless bangus! Fruit shakes, hot tea, Cha Yen, soft drinks and beers are also around. That, if you must snub their double shot espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, hazelbut truffle mocha or just hot chocolate. How about Javanilla, Amaretto Iced, oreo iced cappuccino, almond, black forest or frozen strawberry white mocha? Ah! So what kind of restaurant is it? its an all-in-one hehe.

So what did I have for dinner? Ah eh… let’s not name those lest I give you more proof I am a glutton – sometimes hehehe! I must tell you though, fine beef on this corner of the country! I spent more than 2 hours having dinner in this place. Should I wonder why? Hahaha, oh well…


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