Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dakak Park & Beach Resort – Welcome!

There I was having my late breakfast at 10AM with a nice al fresco view of the beach and the sea beyond, amidst trees and the clean white sand. I’ve been here twice before, but I did not notice it is such a good place when there are no other guests – well, not so many, I think. This time, I got a grasp of how calm and serene this place is, since there was no one to busy my talkative mouth with hehe! Oops, did I speak (think that way) too soon?! Maybe I did…

“Hellooo Mr. PinoyTraveler! How are you? Welcome to Dakak Park & Beach Resort” so came an enthusiastic greeting from a jolly dear lady who looks like a Donya! Yes, Doña or Dña, howsoever you want to write it hehe. I smiled (that’s all I could do) because she came running with a lot of questions, pronouncements and information that all I could do was prolong my smile listening to her as I postponed my next spoonful of rice and corned beef hehe. I knew it, but she still introduced herself. I stood to shake her hand, though I was hesitant if I should’ve kissed it or placed it on my forehead and say “mano po” hehehe, but after that she motioned for me to sit back down on my late breakfast.

“I was the one who took your call from Manila, remember? Well, the girls were busy, and I was trying to help out. Did you like your room at Hotel Camila 2? Its two, the newer building and away from the city. Unlike the first one which is older and in the center of all traffic. Did they fetch you from the airport? Did they give you a good room? I told them that, because you are our guest and was just passing by Dipolog. How was your trip coming here. It was quick, right? It’s actually just near, and there are very good views along the way before and after Dapitan. You should see the Rizal Shrine, its where he stayed while on exile. If you want to go diving, our professional dive masters can take you to wonderful sites…” and so on and on and on hehehe! What a jolly lady of a conversationalist!

“Uhm, ah, excuse me ma’am” came a waiter from behind me approaching her, “phone call po…” and she cut it with “oh okay” then with a pat on my wrist said to me “just enjoy your breakfast and the good views, if you need anything just call any of our staff, teka, I have to answer another call…” then she stood and walked towards front desk. I did not even look anymore if that phone was being carried by the waiter or if she had to go hurry and pick it up at her office. Needless to say, I got a dose of my own kind hehe – animatedly jolly person. All I could think of was “OMG this woman, buti hindi ko barkada, otherwise we could spend 48 hours straight just chatting about anything and everything”. Reason why I was still smiling when I turned my attention back to my breakfast hehehe! She’s such an interesting lady!

“Relatives po kayo, sir” asked the waiter who was back near my table after accompanying his ‘ma’am’ to the office and bringing a bottle of coke that I ordered (even if I had hot chocolate for the breakfast hehe). I casually said “no” and he followed it up with “pero friends kayo” to which I said “yes, just now” hahaha! Food almost came flying out of my mouth as I laughed at what I just said. I couldn’t help but laugh, she’s such an animated conversationalist that even the waiter thought we know each other from way way back! Anyway, I was back at my breakfast, savoring the nice beacfront view and the sea beyond.

A few minutes later, a front staff came with the check-in thing for me to sign with a little man following him. But let’s do that next, aight?!


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