Friday, December 23, 2011

Beware the Freezing, Steamy and/or Musty Buses

New buses freeze
When riding the reputable aircon buses, make sure you bring something to ward off the cold - like a sweater or a jacket. All of them buses, when still working properly, could get very cold for the normal Filipino – fat or thin! Take note: this is even if you were traveling on a sizzling hot summer day. Others prefer to add headgears such as bonnets, bandanas or scarves that can be wrapped around their heads and necks. Some even use hats. No, not just caps, they’re less effective. I’d say, the wider brimmed the hat is, the better, since all bus airconditioning vents are located above your head!

Oh, others even go a little bit overacting like bringing socks and gloves to really ensure they keep warm. To his each own really, and that’s nice if it would make you comfortable. Just make sure you will be wearing fresh socks on fresh footwear. Please? You don’t want your busmates suffocating with the smell of your rotting feet, do you?!

The old buses are a headache – literally
Ah, beware of many buses that pretend to be air-conditioned. You can discern that just by judging the book by its cover hehe. If some windows seem to have traces that they’ve been lately opening and closing, it is one such indicator. Most of these pretentious air-conditioned buses however, are those that come from unknown, unheard-of or fly-by-night operators. Again, judge the book by the cover. When its old, ugly, dirty and disorderly from just looking at it or looking around, how much more the air-conditioning system! Same is true for those “unbranded” buses or mini-buses, locally concocted at some junkshops they call “talyer”.

This includes those recycled buses still bearing the written language of its donor country (usually Japanese and some are in Chinese or Taiwanese) on many parts like walls, windows, doors and ceilings. For heaven’s sake, those were destined for the yards and salvaged by Filipino idiots who call themselves “businessmen”! Now now… I remember having toured around a foreign friend who had a long-weekend break from his MBA studies. He saw a familiar bus and told me he rode that bus when he was still a kid back in his own country. I gave him the privilege to check it out, it was parked so we hopped in for a go-see. His comment? “Oh my god, its uglier, they should already burn this bus”! And I said “not in the Philippines”!

The electric fan gives it away too! Look at your air-conditioned bus. If you see any kind of fan inside the bus, get on another or go to another bus company – that is if you have a choice. Whether it’s the normal “blade-fan” of any size like you see at many homes or the “air-blower” used in many vehicles but positioned above the dashboard (e.g., on it or at the ceiling or near the driver’s seat), it’s a clear indicator that your air-conditioned bus is not what you would expect for a comfortable ride! You might as well take the “ordinary” bus. But…

Not the Ordinary Bus during a heavy rain
Its not about getting wet! These ordinary buses (most of them) do have closeable windows under a heavy downpour. So you remain dry. Alas, you will be inhaling the exhalations of forty or more other passengers when those windows are closed to avoid the rain. Take note: even if the door or doors remain wide open. Believe me, it’s the ugliest of feelings since its not only physically uncomfortable, your mind also starts feeling yucky with that warm musty air you’re breathing in! Now am… squirming… at the thought. Ahhck!

Okay, next time you plan on taking the bus, remember everything above!

Happy travels!


  1. And take enough vitamin C and other multivitamins to protect you! LOL! Good thing those Japayuki buses pying the metro are already gone!

  2. Hi Ding,
    True! Vitamin C is necessary hehe. Yeah, I noticed there are more new buses in the metropolis, and colorful toom and some already have electronic tickets. I still wonder though why they are more expensive than the MRT hehe.

    I like your blog layout btw, esp the drop-down things... (inggit)!