Thursday, July 23, 2009

Watch Your Kids

Isn’t this too wordy? Jusko naman, a warning sign is not a blog (like mine’s hehe). Try reading the whole thing. If you were the parent or yaya, your little dear may have already fallen off those stairs before you could even finish deciphering what the ‘warning’ is trying to tell you! Di ba?

"hold and watch" - hawakan at titigan?
"small kids" - meron bang medium?
“falling downstairs” - bakit, meron “falling upstairs”? Ha?! Hehe!

But I love visiting this dainty little place for the floats, shakes and everything ice cream. Yup, the 2nd floor of Tacloban Plaza Hotel.

Note on the green-colored name at the bottom... there's nothing wrong with that cuz the name of the place is "Tops", I think. Something like "Tops of the world". A basta tapsilogan :)

Oh well...


  1. He he, truly, going into details is sometimes "distracting" nga as warned.