Monday, January 26, 2009

Too Commercial

This is one of the reasons I am not too crazy about Western Visayas Festivals. This was at the Dinagyang Festival in Iloilo City. Yes, tribes usually paint their bodies black or dark brown for the “native” effect. But painting the brands of the sponsoring companies on their bodies not only seem so far out to me, its making the “rituals” tasteless. Anyway, if you look closely, that back of one participant seems to say “Cup Needles” instead of “Cup Noodles”. Ha?! Subukan nyo humigop ng isang cup ng "needles". Sige!

What will these sponsors think of next? Make the tribes dance to their commercial jingles? In Iloilo, it probably won’t be long until that happens. Bet?

But don’t get me wrong, am still a fan of Dinagyang. What with all the acrobatics that children are asked to perform by their choreographers even just during street dancing?! Gosh, some tribes even push real and big “stage on wheels” just to complete the props of their dance groups!

Then again, I do not go to festivals so I can take home a lot of pictures of Nissin Cup Needles (yes, karayom hehe) or Presto or Big Sip on the bodies of the great dancers. Kay kalain ah! Daw kahuluya ipakita sa mga foreigners!

Oh well, money (from sponsors) talks big in these our times.


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