Sunday, January 3, 2010

Economic Fare?

This one was at Bato Port in Santander, Cebu. Yep, where the Ceres buses cross to/from Tampi Port in Amlan Negros Oriental, so that your trip goes straight to/from Dumaguete.

Can you believe I did not take this photo because of the word ECONOMIC? You understand what that proud announcement / ad is saying anyway, right? Really?! Okay, compare what’s on your mind versus what it really is trying to tell you…

“Ceres Bus Economy Fare (a.k.a. regular non-airconditioned bus) TO Cebu FROM this point (Bato) VIA Samboan is only Sixty Pesos”

Did you get that correctly? Good if you did hehe!

In Cebu, bus destination signages take a little twist. How’s that? Ganito:
“BATO – BARILI” means going TO Bato VIA Barili (NOT Bato to Barili)
“BATO – OSLOB” means going TO Bato VIA Oslob (NOT Bato to Oslob)
“MAYA – BAGAY” means going TO Maya VIA Bagay (NOT Maya to Bagay)
“MAYA – KAWIT” means going to Maya VIA Kawit (NOT Maya to Kawit)
You mistake the meanings and you could be circling the island unnecessarily hehe!

Alright, back to the picture above... it means TO Cebu VIA Samboan FROM this point (Bato). Got that? Because the other way would be CEBU-OSLOB and that means TO Cebu VIA Oslob FROM Bato. Magulo ba?! Live with it hehehe!

Oh well, the “funtastic” signages of our times!


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