Friday, September 30, 2011

Brush Your Pusit

I asked why they were doing that. The answer was a simple “to make their product clean”! I asked if it was necessary. The reply was “yes, so customers won’t think they’re dirty”! Duh?! I asked what it was they were trying to remove. The explanation was “the white thing that cling to the squid”. I asked if those are molds. The now irritated response was “yes, but its normal”.

Eh?! I wonder! If its normal, then why the extra effort to remove them? Do the dried pusit vendors over at the markets also do the same? To the tons of such product they sell each week?! I wonder hehe. Anyway, my lowly brain is thinking… wouldn’t those become more contaminated with more and more bare hands handling them? Or why not keep their stocks such that no molds would grow, proliferate or attack – however it is called hehe.

AT LEAST… I saw that the brushes were just brushes. They don’t use detergent or any cleaning agents hahaha! Ano kasi… when I see those brushes, I immediately think of Ariel, Tide, Surf, Champion and so on, where the ceremony is finished with Downy, whahehehe! How will this be then, if we asked “Is your Pusit clean?”, the reply would be something like “yes, I washed it” hehe!

These are the vendors at that row of ‘pasalubong stalls’ before approaching Mactan International Airport. Yep, to your right when the Waterfront hotel is still on your left, before you make a U-turn towards the terminal building.

Oh well, the way it is to make a sell in these our times!

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  1. I love dried pusit, but I'm afraid where else did they use those brushes. :( I'm thinking really dirty. LOL