Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pasigarbo Sa Sugbo 2011, Showdown

As usual, it was a long night. What with 40 contingents performing. Even if performed in succession it was still quite a long exciting night. Especially if, like me, you didn’t know what group was performing next! And even the “less expected” groups were quite a show already on their own merits! Hey, arriving at 7:02PM I thought I was late (though an inner voice in me was saying, no you will be not) but “Filipino time” has long been proven and tested everywhere in this country, right?! If anyone says 6PM, it usually starts about an hour later. Thus, at 7:02PM, as I entered the CICC compound, I could hear (and see a bit) the Lumad Basakanon as guests performing some kind of a welcome ritual dance! Hoooooo! So the program has just started. But I was not spared of listening to the so many acknowledgements on politician-guests present.

Exactly 7:32PM came the first performance, Aloguinsan. I stayed on until after the 5th performance, when the emcee called on Jinggoy Estrada for a speech, whatever. Seeing many people move away to rest or roam, I did the same by going inside CICC to grab a bite at the 1 Cebu Expo’s food stalls. On return, I was just in time for Kaumahan Festival of Barili. I knew I have missed 2 or 3 contingents, but I just told myself “if those I missed were winners, I would see them Monday on their mandatory repeat performance, otherwise, it was not worth it” hehe. The pushing and shoving in the unusually packed crowd of an audience got me easily hungry hehe!

Groups performed in succession, but when I checked after Carcar’s Kabkaban Festival, it was already 1017PM. Gosh, this was just somewhere halfway in the line of performances. And I was already feeling too tired standing, tiptoeing, pushing, shoving with the sea of humanity for an audience. I thought I have already perspired everything that could be perspired out from my aging body hehehe. So I called it quits, and home I went. Whew! The mind tried to justify what the body cannot ‘anymore’ do… so I kept repeating in my head that if any of the rest of the performances would be winners, I will see them perform on Monday. Otherwise, it was not worth the taxing test of physical endurance, even if it was a moonlit night!

Here are “some” clips (just click the town/city name to view):



















Oh well, let's see what happens during Monday's awarding ceremonies...


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