Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sumilon Arrival and Accommodations

Alright, we were on the island, yes Sumilon and don’t expect me to do a blow-by-blow account of what we did there, okay?! Let me instead describe to you the island/resort as experienced – which after all might actually become a blow-by-blow account of our stay hehe! Impressive that we were fetched by the golf cart from the western dock, as at that time and circumstances, it would have been a ‘death march’ to reception area. You will realize later in this story though, I have happily walked around the island, and that is probably 4 or 5 times that distance from wharf to reception area. And I did not a bit complain! Because there was no incident that irritated me and I was on a full stomach? Probably! Anyway…

That is the ‘front desk’ right? Oh yes, and it is just a table at a big big kiosk they call pavilion that is also the restaurant, games, bar and mini-shop areas. The place is open on all sides and breezy any time of day. Ah, the reception table has a view to everything in the pavilion, except behind it… the comfort rooms hehe. What did we have to do in this area? Just say high and hello to the lady in charge, sign the check-in sheet, then we were walked back to our room by the guy who drove the cart – because we wanted to walk instead of ride again. There is something that Sumilon can learn from other high-end resorts in this country or the world, such as Amanpulo. Like? Well, how about immediately whisking guests to their assigned rooms and let them sign the check-in sheet there since they have already been identified as early as over at mainland, right? For older guests, the going to and fro could be a tedious arrival process especially that the docks are not near. I still enjoyed it anyway!

The Docks
Oh yes the wharf, okay wharves! There are two in the island. What we arrived on from Liloan (yes the previous blog entry) is called the western dock and it sits about 500 meters from the pavilion. You pass by ALL of the rooms going to the pavilion. I noticed that the western dock is actually just an alternate for times like when we arrived, where the waves were too big for safety and comfort. Then there is the eastern dock which is just a few meters (probably 30 to 40) down from the pavilion and it can ceremoniously receive guests – when the waves are not a battering hehe! Yes, this eastern dock I learned is always used for guests, when possible… but not during our time, Hah, I went there and even marveled at how harsh the waves were splashing there. Quite a sight! Oh, both docks are on the northern end of the island, so they are more precisely the northwestern and northeastern docks hehe! From either dock, you could actually see their wharf over at mainland. But that’s a story in my previous entry hehe.

The Cottages
Well well well baho ka’g tiil… on this visit, all in one row, the resort only has 6 cottages plus a 7th still under construction nearest the pavilion, plus a smaller mini-cottage at the western end that I was told is where the resort’s medical office is. I actually thought it was a guard-house but it was too big for such. Well, another crew told me that is also where tourguides, bodyguards or drivers are housed when accompanying guests who don’t want them in their cottages haha. Now don’t you ever sour yet having learned there only 6 or now probably 7 cottages. Those are big luxurious cottages, each with a grand view of the clear blue and sometimes green and sometimes blue-green sea. How big is a cottage? Ah eh, probably a hundred square meters each. In fact, each cottage is divided into two rooms.

The Rooms
They’re not small. Period hehe! If my memory serves me fine still, each room in Sumilon is definitely bigger than any of Radisson’s or Shang’s Deluxe, Premier, Executive whatever rooms. Ah, don’t even bother comparing the size to any at Hilton or Waterfront. The verandas alone can easily hold a sizeable enough soiree each! Each room is full of amenities but they look ‘barren’ due to the very wide space between beds, the walls, the TV etc. Or room (Room 12) they say had two ‘single’ beds but each bed is about the size of mine at home which is a queen! Ah, our bathroom was equally expansive there is even a cabinet with an array of towels. The funny part is that I disliked walking so many steps to it from the beds. The area in between our beds, the lounge chair and the TV is like a dance floor hehe. All said, hotel crews insist, each room can only accommodate 3 persons! Wheh! If my traveler gang were to all jam in there, 20 of us can probably happily be snoring all over the place with enough space to mess about hahaha! That only means Sumilon ensures luxurious comforts to its guests. Awooo! I noticed am so positive about this place. Well yeah, maybe I really just enjoyed Sumilon.

Oh, we actually just dropped our things at Room 12 and returned (walking again) to the pavilion for a late lunch. Yes late! But lets do that in my next take, aight?!


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