Thursday, July 24, 2008

Roaming Ilocos: San Nicolas Fly-by

After lunch back in Laoag, I thought it was time to move on so I could maximize the roaming. Next on my list was the town of Batac. Been there time and again, but there was no conscious effort for me to ogle at everything I saw as I was busier bantering with friends or family. This time, being alone, I wouldn’t have any choice but get to know more about the place. Imagine my notes on ‘what to see’ for Batac. It said ‘whatever’ hehe, and that’s it! Now here is even another place ‘unlisted’ on my itinerary.

Took a bus from Laoag and in about 4 minutes, we were already in front of 365 Plaza (mall) in the town of San Nicolas. Well that’s only about 3kms from Laoag City center, so the conductor told me. Why did I not have any interest in the town of San Nicolas, anyway? Well, blame the world wide web hehe! I did not see anything worth visiting in this town that is actually a suburb of Laoag. Fact is, there are some establishments in this town that identify themselves as a ‘Laoag Branch’ of their company even if they’re already in San Nicolas. Example? Hyundai! Ahehehe, I have noted this town though, as when the bus passed, I think I saw a snippet of their church that for me must be worth a peep. There are old houses/buildings near and around the municipal hall that might be worth my time. I know I’ll see this town soon!

But let’s proceed to Batac, shall we?!


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