Sunday, April 25, 2010

Borongan Airport

Now now... since we mentioned this airport in the previous post, let us say something about it a bit more! Just so we have a benchmark hehe!

The Borongan Airport was so ceremoniously celebrated when it received its first commercial flight in the first September morn of 2008. I heard the governor was beaming with pride as the airport was touted to help boost business and tourism in the province. No it was not Asian Spirit as they all have been singing about. It was SeaAir that the governor or the president was finally able to coerce hehe! In fairness, the destination appeared at the airline's booking website for some time. I even checked that out and the cheapest I could see was something like P4,000++ one way. Yes, ONE WAY!

In March of 2009, attempting for an April trip to Borongan, the airline did not anymore have any flights to said destination. Called them up to ask why. The reservations girl said they were not told of any reason but flights to said destination were suspended UFN. Today, you can check their website, there is no more Borongan hehe!

Well, as I was roaming the Guiuan Airport, I called up a friend just to tell him about it, and at the same time ask if there really is going to be some use of this new and "other" airport. He said, "it looks like" since there is always the nearby Calicoan. That is why I said "let's hope this Guiuan Airport does not become another Borongan"!

Then my friend exclaimed some news that we laughed about. "The Borongan CITY Airport is busier these days than ever. Busiest in fact". I asked why. Well, it is permanently used and almost on a daily basis as a racetrack! Of what? Of motorcycle races, sometimes tricycle races, sometimes car drag races. But the motorbikes are permanent users. When I dismissed the joke telling my friend that it was just natural to do so in a non-performing runway, he clarified that I may just want to know the bets are not just in the hundreds of pesos. They can reach hundreds of thousands of pesos and is somewhat getting a good following by the day amongst an admirable cross-section of the populace that includes lawyers, teachers and policemen! OMG wow!

As we both laughed I said "I hope they all pay their terminal fees"!

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  1. I'm sorry that link seems to go to nowhere but it's an article about borongan airport opening on april 2013. Here is the story: ..

    Borongan Airport
    Manila Bulletin – Wed, Feb 27, 2013.. .

    BORONGAN CITY, Eastern Samar - The new Borongan City Airport will be operational by next month with the full completion of its new terminal building.

    This was announced by Borongan Mayor Ma. Fe R. Abunda who said the new airport will be inaugurated in March by President Benigno S. Aquino III together with Eastern Samar Rep. Ben P. Evardone.

    Abunda said she had worked for the release of P13 million from the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) in Manila which was used to help construct the new terminal building. She said that Evardone had also helped in the release of funds used for the concreting of the perimeter fence around the new airport.

    The Borongan city mayor said that with the opening of the new airport, passengers from the nearby towns of Dolores, Arteche, Sulat, Can-Avid, Taft, San Julian, and as far as the Northern Samar towns of Lapinig and Gamay can now take the plane to Manila once it becomes fully operational.

    She said there used to be daily flights from Borongan to Manila but these ceased three years ago as the airport was not rehabilitated.

    "Passengers from Eastern Samar and from nearby towns in Northern Samar will no longer have to travel to Tacloban City to take the plane for Manila as they can now take the airplane from our place once this new airport is inaugurated. said Abunda.

    Currently, the bulk of airline passengers here taking the plane from the Tacloban City Airport come from Eastern Samar, Northern Samar and Samar, Biliran and Southern Leyte provinces who are on the road for as long as three to four hours just to take a flight to Manila.