Thursday, September 3, 2009

SanRem Public Beach

So-so. That was my first and lingering impression of this beach. It is of white (cream) color yes, even finer than most beaches and gives a cool feel to the soles. But the water’s edge is lined with little stones, sea grass and other materials of coral or coralline nature. Hmm, it depends on the point of view though. My nature conservationist friend says THAT makes for a rich shoreline unlike the “plain and empty” strip from Boracay’s Station 1 to 3.

The beach is easily accessible via vacant lots in between residential houses and resorts. Resorts? Well, yes, there are those low-end huts with tables that you can rent for the day over at one-end of the strip. Of course they provide that omnipresent videoke machine! So be prepared with your coins hehehe! Now now, the public beach is a long one, very long in fact. Mind you, this is Cebu’s longest shoreline, so they claim. At least the beach is a contiguous white strip that is breezy and a good enough place if only to breath fresh air. Your views will be unobstructed, unlike at Mactan where they have built walls even down to the waters.

I entered the beach from “cultural”. What is it? Well, I did not get the full meaning of “cultural” (maybe a cultural center?) but it is the local government’s own version of a “resort” to provide accommodations to the swimming public. This facility is a has-been and needs some sprucing up. Looking at this facility and its surroundings, I couldn’t miss the fact that this place must have seen its glory days. Though the building is a simple two-storey slowly-dilapidating block, the concrete kiosks near the beach, the grill areas, the concrete parking area, the high wall and gate all indicate that this must have been a grand place in its heydays.

Elements? Well, ironically, the insides of this facility seem to be faster in the decay process than it is outside! Oops, notice that picture below? As a guest that is NOT where you enter lest you want to see the bedsheets, blankets and towels hung to dry hehe. The main entrance (front) is actually over to the left near the trees. And that is why I took the pic from this vantage (back of the house) so trees wont block the view! Got the positions? This is the street side, and the resort/building faces sideways not the beach nor the street!


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