Thursday, May 1, 2008

Getting Lost With Names – Victoria

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Finally on same names… there are 4 plus 1 that use the name Victoria! Why the plus 1, we shall tackle at the end of this article!

One is a town of Victoria in the province of Tarlac (Region 3 - Central Luzon). This is a big town just next to Tarlac City and sits with the province’s boundary with Nueva Ecija. This is more of a suburb of Tarlac City though since its just about 15kms away and residential villages have been on the rise.

Then there is the town of Victoria in the province of Laguna (Region 4A - CALABARZON). This one is on the southern edge of the Laguna Lake and is undoubtedly the biggest “quack-quack” town! Yeah, duck raising and “balut” production is the biggest industry of this town that their welcome monument is an interesting sight of gigantic happy ducks! They even have the Itik Festival which means Duck Festival. Quack!

Next is the town of Victoria in the province of Oriental Mindoro (Region 4B - MIMAROPA). This Victoria also sits by a lake – the western edge that is, of Naujan Lake. Things here also go to the basket – not eggs though, but fruits! This town is the province’s fruit basket where most of the citrus products find their way to as far as Metro Manila markets. But that’s not all. Caves and waterfalls are the favorite visitor destinations in this town and there are still Mangyan tribes up the hills.

Finally there is the town of Victoria in the province of Northern Samar (Region 8 – Eastern Visayas). Like the towns that sandwich it (Allen on the north and San Isidro on the south), Victoria does have its share of waterfront white beaches but is more remembered for the majestic waterfalls. You can try looking for Buenos Aires in this town and realize what a wonderful place that is you are searching for!

Ah yes, the above does not include “Victorias City” over at Negros Occidental (Region 6 – Western Visayas). This is the “plus one” mentioned above. Note there is just a letter “s” at the end of the name and there is no apostrophe. Of course, we know this is that sugar central of yesteryears. It still is alive though, and that is where the city got its name. They say it still is the biggest integrated sugar mill and refinery in the world. I like the church with the “Angry Christ” mural though hehe. Its as if saying ”you sinner, you”! Hey, ever heard of Gawahon? Its an ecotourism park and be ready to huff and puff visiting 7 waterfalls in a row!

We’re done but here’s a trivia… make Victoria a male name and you even have the town of Don Victoriano to add to the above list hehe. Yep, this is that town in the province of Misamis Occidental


Well, as we said at the beginning of this series, there are more than 120 names that are used by two or more towns and/or cities in this country. Those are just the same and exact names. But there are more that could make us get lost when roaming this country. Some towns and/or cities have names that sound like the other, reads like the another or even seemingly means like other too?! Wouldn’t you care to hear about them?

Let’s do that next!


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