Thursday, May 1, 2008

Getting Lost With Names – Socorro

This topic started with this article
There are two towns too!

And let us remain in Surigao Del Norte, for Socorro is a town located here. Its an island municipality actually just near the famous Siargao. In fact, tours from Siargao almost always includes this town. Have you heard about Bucas Grande Island? That’s it! Yes, that is actually the entirety of the town of Socorro! Small an island as it may be, aside from the famous Sohoton Cove/Lagons, there are waterfalls, rock islands, white beaches, caves, limestone forests, even a lake and a public swimming pool fed by springs!

The other Socorro is a town in the province of Oriental Mindoro (Region 4B – MIMAROPA). That is that little inland town at the southern end of Naujan Lake. Farming and fishing (from the lake) are the main activities here. Watch out for the many citrus plantations like kalamansi, lemon, dalandan, pomelo, etc. Some of these farms even offer inland resorts. I have not seen them but some folks told me there are also rambutan and lanzones plantations. Hey, there is a preserved Mangyan settlement at some remote area of this town!


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