Sunday, December 23, 2007

Getting Lost With Names - San Antonio

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There are four towns that sport the name San Antonio!

First is a town in the province of Nueva Ecija (Region 3 – Central Luzon). This San Antonio is in the southwestern tip of the province bordering with Pangasinan. Like the rest of the province, this is also a farming town but check-out the multitude of fresh water fish-ponds in this town. Scenic, especially against the solitary Mt. Arayat as the backdrop!

Moving west on the same Region is our 2nd town named San Antonio – and that is in the province of Zambales. Situated on the province’s southwestern tip, this is a sunset town and the jump-off point to Capones and Camera Islands – which you should not miss when in the area. What with beaches literally moving from one place to another. Really! Then again, for the culture savvy, never miss Casa San Miguel – which in itself is a destination already!

3rd in our list of San Antonios is little town in the province of Quezon, on its western-most side, in the border with the province of Batangas. This San Antonio that is trying to market itself via a celebration called “Malagkit Festival” is otherwise forgettable aside from the interesting fact that there is a thriving industry on bottled Sinturis Juice (Philippine Orange). Is it “dalandan”? Am not too sure!

Fourth and last of our San Antonios is a town in the province of Northern Samar (Region 8 – Eastern Visayas). Ah this town is an island (commonly called Dalupiri) off the western tip of the province and it has been dotted with foreigner-owned resorts. A very nice resort island with rural surroundings for the nature lover and vacationer. But many don’t want to go and dip just yet. Memories still linger of those two foreign snorkel enthusiasts that an idiot of a fisherman blasted with his illegal dynamite fishing gears thinking they were big fishes to catch! The local and international communities have not heard of any remarkable improvements to this issue, so don’t be another victim! The local leaders there are busier in their politicking than educating their constituents about nature and tourism! Sigh...


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