Sunday, October 7, 2007

Getting Lost With Names - Placer

This topic started with this article

There are another two towns that share the same name and that is “Placer” [pronounced “pla-ser” in the speed of how you pronounce “deter” or “refer”.

Whatever that word means, one of these towns is in the island province of Masbate (Region 5) and the other one is in the province of Surigao Del Norte.

Placer, Masbate is located on the southwestern edge of the main island. Don’t miss the Himag-ulaw Festival of this town that is gaining a following from many a local and foreign tourist. And of course the stretches of white sandy beaches always beckon! And you do not have to go to the city of Masbate to hit Placer. There is a "backdoor" way from either Bogo or Malapascua in Cebu!

The other town named Placer is in the province of Surigao Del Norte (Region 13). This is a town on the mainland (Mindanao) and it is a port town with a story and history about mining good and bad! Well, being on the eastern seaboard, it does have its share of the Pacific Ocean, islands and islets but not quite as sought-after as the island of Siargao to its northwest. Probably due to the mining thing all around.


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