Sunday, September 16, 2007

Getting Lost With Names - Parang

This topic started with this article

There are two towns and both are in Mindanao’s Region 14 - ARMM!

One is a town in the newest province of Shariff Kabungsuan. For those who think lost about this new name, just remember Maguindanao as that is the mother province! Apart from the grand view of the Moro Sea, you will most certainly experience the sight and smell (okay, others call it “stench”) of fish being dried all over town. This is quite an industry here. I want to call this town a danggit haven! Many of them fish being dried on the roads do disappear during the Padang-Padang and the Kambulag Festivals - and both are must see for the color and cultural splendour! There are beaches, resorts, islands and a fruit bat colony or something!

Now the other Parang is in the province of Sulu. It’s the southwestern tip of the main island about 20 or so kilometers from the capital. Like the other Parang, this is also a fishing village with a lot of white beaches. But I was surprised to see a big coffee plantation and coffee-making industry. Ah yes, am not sure if it is really necessary, but visitors (including me) roaming around here are advised to always be in the company of a respectable or reputable local. Sigh!

Oops the Parang that many of you know to be in metro manila is not a town! Its just a district in the city of Marikina!


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