Sunday, March 25, 2007

Getting Lost With Names - Luna

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Let us jump to the moon? Well, yes Luna is Spanish for Moon! What do we call people who hail from a place named Luna? Lunatics? Aw!

There are 2 towns named “General Luna” while there are 3 towns named just “Luna”.

The town General Luna in the province of Quezon (Region 4A – CALABARZON) is a fishing village facing the Tayabas bay and the island of Marinduque. Hey, I was surprised to learn (no, I did not see the spectacle, we arrived late) that this town celebrates holy week like how its done across the water over at Marinduque! Wow!

The other General Luna is the famed surfing town on Siargao Island in the province of Surigao Del Norte (Region 13 – CARAGA). Kilometers and kilometers of fine white sandy beaches (untouched) are the thing here other than the surf and other water sports activities. The beaches are just not the in thing that tourists go there for. And to my delight!

Then there is a town up north named Luna – a town in the province of La Union (Region 1 – Ilocos). This Luna facing the south china sea is also famous to surfers. So don’t get confused! Go run to see the aging ruins of the Luna Watch Tower right on the beach as it might just crumble anytime to the salty mists from the sea!

Then there is another town named Luna in the province of Isabela (Region 2 – Cagayan Valley). This Luna is a thriving farming community just like its neighboring towns.

Jumping north there is yet another mountain town called Luna in the province of Apayao (Region 15 – Cordillera Administrative Region).

All 5 towns trace their names to the Katipunan general Antonio Luna. But in the case of that town in La Union, its not after the general but his brother Juan Luna – the painter, AND their mother who comes from that place!


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