Sunday, March 18, 2007

Getting Lost With Names - Esperanza

This topic started with this article

What about HOPE?! Well, there are 3 towns in the country that bears this name Esperanza – meaning “hope” in Spanish.

First is a town in the province of Masbate (Region 5 – BICOL) and it is at the southwestern-most tip just across the northern tip of the island of Leyte. Being a coastal town, this Esperanza also has its share of white sandy beaches. And it also has nice snorkeling and dive sites nearby. But accommodations are best had at the provincial capital.

Then note that there is also the town of Esperanza in the province of Sultan Kudarat (Region 12 – Central Mindanao). Ah this town bordering the province of Maguindanao is adjacent to the Sultan Kudarat capital town of Isulan. More of a farming community than anything else, at least you’ll find a hot-spring in this town!

Now there is still another Esperanza! And that is this big agricultural town in the northern part of Agusan Del Sur in the border with Agusan Del Norte. Rainforests are still here-and-there in this town.


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