Sunday, January 21, 2007

Getting Lost With Names - Casiguran

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Going to Casiguran?

Many a Filipino would be familiar with that name as it is most often a point of reference when talking about typhoons. Radio and TV reports would usually say “the storm is XXX kilometers east-northeast of Casiguran”. And they all mean the town of Casiguran in the province of Aurora. Surely, many of us also know that it is in the same area/province as Baler, another surfing paradise. But of course, like any town in the eastern seaboard of the country, sunrise is fantastic at Casiguran.

Now don’t get confused, farther down almost to the southern tip of Luzon on the eastern part of Sorsogon province (Region 5 – Bicol) is a town also named Casiguran. Eastern part yes, but no it does not face the pacific. It’s actually in the Sorsogon Bay area. Like most of the Sorsogon towns, this Casiguran is also a sleepy farming community.

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  1. Casiguran is a small town between Juban and Gubat. Thirty minutes ride from city proper of Sorsogon. Casiguran is also rich in marine products like tahong, alimango, hipon and many more.