Saturday, June 24, 2006

Puerto Princesa Butterfly Garden

Its nothing new and nothing different to many of the butterfly farms or butterfly sanctuaries you can see everywhere in this country. This one is not even that big and not even that colorful during our visit. But yes it is a butterfly farm well and good. And there were things we learned that will be useful for you future visitors of Puerto Princesa.

Foremost, the butterflies are livelier and therefore more abundantly seen all over the garden during the mornings. They are like most of us, not too fond of romping around in the rain. So, the sunnier, the more of them we see. Eh, we arrived at the garden on a gloomy afternoon! But there were still hundreds of them in various sizes and colors fluttering everywhere. Some would even land on various arts of our bodies or clothing. Hey one even landed on to of my camera!

A visit to this garden is really educational. After paying the meager entrance fee (twenty pesos) you step to a little open video area where a recorded story about butterflies is shown. Nice way to start understanding these lovely creatures. Then you step out unto the garden and just have fun with any or all of them. Just remember to follow the circular path so you wont impede the steady flow of many visitors. Plus, you have got to remember how long you are supposed to linger in this garden as you surely have somewhere else to go to on your tour of Puerto Princesa City!

We liked the story about butterfly eggs, pupae and the whole metamorphosis as we viewed real examples of all those. There are shiny golden colored pupae that look like they really are metallic golden pendants! Who tells these stories? The husband and wife team who own this garden!


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