Friday, January 21, 2005

Taytay Waterfalls, Majayjay

DSC_1547aFirst the pronunciations: Taytay is always pronounced as “tie-tie” while Majayjay is pronounced as “ma-high-high”. Clear? Okay, let’s proceed! The waterfalls is named Taytay, sometimes it is also referred to as Imelda Falls and at other times, by others as just Majayjay Falls, it being in Majayjay! Let’s repeat that, this is in the town of Majayjay, Laguna and not the town of Taytay in Rizal near Pasig!

How’d I end up being there anyway? Well, was doing some official work at Majayjay, community service in fact, but care of or in behalf of the company. Towards the afternoon, when we were just baut wrapping up, discussion flowed into how different the air they breathe in Majayjay, since the place is cool and breezy and really, the air has a different “taste” if I might call it that. We were of course unanimous in recognizing that it was because the town is still forested with a lot of trees and greens all over.

Until one of the locals mentioned that we should have visited the waterfalls and see that the water is also fresh clean green. That did it! Not so many discussions and we found ourselves trooping into that waterfalls even if it was already a bit late in the afternoon. Just for a go see, really!

Awrrrr, you still walk some distance to the falls. Its probably almost a kilometer or a little bit less and it’s a descending road which means, coming back would be some exercise hehe! But when we reached it, oh wow! One fine endowment from nature. Its not that tall, probably just the equivalent of a 2 or 3-level house, but the water gushes through in rampant abundance. Coolness!
DSC_1559a No more people in the area, and the teacher who guided us did not know if the natural pool where we quickly swam in was just formed by the force of the water or if some human-aided adjustments did take place. We were asking because amazingly, there is a semicircular wall of hard stone that cups some water from the falls so it’s a pool enough for probably a hundred people to have fun in! the overflow then empties out unto a bouldery creek. Nice place to visit, if you should be in the are.

Hey, we were told, just a few bends on that road and we should already be entering the town of Lucban! But we did not bother as it was already getting dark. All I could say was “MacArthur” – yeah, that means I Shall Return!


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